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Industrial Mobile

Industrial Mobile dehumidifiers DanVex are used for the premises of the following types and purposes: basements,warehouses, manufacturing facilities, premises renovating, dehumidification of wood, wine cellars, food processing, drying of fish, grain and potatoes, greenhouses, pharmaceutical needs, drying cabinets, storing of massive fabricated wood block flooring.

A vast majority of materials that are used to construct new buildings are applied as a wet process. Concrete slabs, screeds, plaster, wall and floor coverings are all applied in this way. As these processes cure, vast amounts of excess moisture are liberated into the building space. The speed at which this moisture is released will dictate the curing or drying time of the material.

Controlling the building space temperature and humiditywill effectively control the speed at which this happens. DanVex Industrial dehumidifiers are refrigerant type dehumidifers that can be controlled to provide desired humidities and temperatures. Due to the big wheels the transportation of DEH-900i/1200i can be accomplished by one person, even over the difficult terrain or stairs. Mobile, ideally weight-balanced DanVex industrial dehumidifier with big wheels for moving on stairs ideally suit for it. 

DanVex dehumidifiers DEH-1600i/1900i designed for warehouse or industrial use are rugged in construction, cover a large square footage area with high air flow rates and remove large quantities of water.Self-regulating function and continuous drainage are also important. DanVex offers the following suggestions for dehumidifying large warehouses and commercial spaces.Large space of dehumidification is complex and it’s important to size your unit appropriately. 

The advantages in practice :
  • Possibility of external drainage 
  • Big weels for moving on stairs ( DEH-500i/900i/1200i ) 
  • Auto mode 
  • Steel body 
  • Temperature sensor 
  • Buit-in humidistat 
  • Service-friendly construction for maintenance and cleaning 



   DEH-1200iDEH-900iDEH-1200i  DEH-industrial DEH-industrial
 DEH-500i DEH-900i DEH-1200i  DEH-1600i DEH-1900i
  Maximum dehumidification, L / 24 hours 50 90 120 158 187
  Air flow rate, m3 / hour 300 500 700 1150 1250
  Operating range   Temperature+5°C to +35°C
 Relative Humidity40% - 100%
  Power supply 
230 V / 50 Hz
  Power consumption, W 
 800 1150 1500 1750 2160
  Dimensions Height, mm 550 750 760 900 900
 Length, mm 410 440 440 600 600
 Width, mm 330 430 460 460 460
  Weight, kg
 33 55 65 70 75