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Stationary dehumidifiers are the most important part of our business. They have high productivity and effective control of humidity. Models DanVex DEH-K are working effectively in huge areas.

In the huge areas with high ceilings dehumidifier needs to pump air and drain it in huge amounts. Also, if you are the owner of such a place, it will be very profitable if you install these dehumidifiers: DEH-3K; DEH-5K; DEH-10K.

  • These dehumidifiers are irreplaceable in the food industry during the process of production of high quality products such as cheeses, sausages, confectionery and spices.
  • These series of dehumidifiers are able to dry the air in such areas as ice arenas, huge malls and other places where is a high level of humidity.
  • It is very useful to install dehumidifiers in significant storage buildings, where the level of humidity will be unpredictable because of fast and huge turnover of products.
We call stationary dehumidifiers DanVex K legendary. Why?

These types of dehumidifiers are very rare because of its high power. Manufactory of DanVex is the first one who produced it and implemented it on the market of dehumidifiers, which are very powerful. First examples were bought in Europe, Russia and in Baltic countries and customers were happy with them. Many people dreamed that they could use only one or two instead of tens or twenties of dehumidifiers. This greatly saves money, time and effort of engineers and maintenance staff. Moreover, at the same time maximize effectiveness of processes.

After first deliveries, specialist made technical and marketing research to develop quality of products. Since than these models were developed and now dehumidifiers DEH-3K and DEH-5K have better quality and delivered to the world market.

Changes in stationary dehumidifiers:

  • Updated frame became not only beautiful, but also strong and rigid. It is made out of high quality metal.
  • Have a defrost system, which is developed to that point where time and energy usage are greatly reduced. Dehumidifier can defrost itself, this led to a sharp increase in performance.
  • Now three-phase voltage can not be connected not correctly, if it is dehumidifier will make a sound, also now the system is very simple and you can connect it very easy.
  • New control panel has become easier and more convenient. Now it has an easy interface.
  • There is a button “memory", the function that will memorize the level of humidity that you need. IT will work even if dehumidifier is turned of a year.

Through out the time this updates showed good results. It was tested on two models DEH-3K and DEH-5K. Now DanVex finished update of the biggest model DEH-10k. It is already available for sales. So, DEH- 10K LEGEND is back to please our customers.
  Maximum dehumidification,  L / 24 hours    300  500 1000
  Air flow rate, m3 / hour  3500 5000 10000
  Operating range    Temperature, °C
+5°C to +38°C
 Relative Humidity, % 30% - 100%
  Power supply   
380/3~/50 V/Hz
  Power consumption, kW
 6 11 22
  Dimensions Height, mm 1850 1850 1900
 Width, mm 1122 1122 1492
 Depth, mm 600 600 670
  Weight, kg
 220 kg 250 kg 310 kg