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Waste oil Boilers

Boilers on waste oil DanVex DanVex - the most modern and the most qualitative boilers. Boilers on waste oil DanVex are N 1 in the World!

Automatic boilers use waste oil, furnace oil. Usage of these boilers is economically profitable because of low price compare to the price of other energy source. Wide range of boilers from 35 to 219 kw heat power of burners DanVex, allows to find the right boilers for your home or manufacture, warehouse and auto service. Boilers are made from high quality steel, designed for water heating system. Boilers feature specially designed combustion chamber, with concentric fire tubes. Also there is special ash pan collecting deposit for an easy maintenance of the boiler. Location of the exit for the chimney is vertically, that is why it allows ash go straight to the collection of ash and thus does not hinder the removal of exhaust gases. This design perfectly suitable for boilers which use waste oil as their energy source. This helps to increase efficiency up to 90%, this is the best result in boiler industry. Boilers DanVex can be use with the boiler for heating sanitary water that allows you to create double-loop system: heating and hot water simultaneously. Burner installed very easy on boiler with the help of standard euro flange. Fuel line tightly mounted and has no open containers or tanks, so there are no smell of oil and evaporation of oil. The working process of burner is controlled by high technologically devices and sensors.

As a firm, DanVex always want to develop products. New engineer solutions always are introduced into DanVex products.

  • From the middle of the summer 2014 all the boilers DanVex will be delivered with new highly technological solution. Special GSM module allows remote monitoring and command from distance with GSM/GPRS/EDGE – modems and special developed management schemes. This device allows client and technical service department of DanVex to monitore work of the boiler. From now contact between clients and service department of DanVex will be much easier.
    Register via the Internet in a private office and connection of the device will give the customer the ability to quickly provide the necessary information for the diagnosis of the boiler, provide indicators of sensors to see a report on the operation of the equipment in a timely manner and remind you to do technical service. GSM module in the boiler is the first time when this type of technology is introduced to the boilers, with this development customer service of DanVex comes to the new level.

  • In the May of 2014 DanVex introduces new technology, which allows controlling temperature way better than before. From now on DanVex uses digital temperature controller with adjustable temperature delta on / off burner that extends the use of the boiler.

  • In 2015, as a firm we plan to extend our wide range of boilers. We plan to make boilers with the low power (18 kw) and boiler of high power (300kw). This type of boilers were made specially for Russian market, where customers asked for this type of boilers because they have to heat big houses in the north of the region. Big manufactures (which are ready to buy and save the waste oil) expressed readiness about buying this type of boilers, which will bring even more profits to them.