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Waste oil Heaters

Automatic heater on waste oil

Air heating using heat generators DanVex - the ideal solution for any place. 
• Heating generator is installed and becomes usable during only 1 day. 
• Recommended technical service after 800-1000 hours of using (one time a year), this will warrant that generator works when it needs to. 
• Efficiency up to 90%. 
• Quiet radial ventilators with direct drive. 
• Monoblock system for preheating the oil, easy to operate, very effective. Supply system and the heating oil system is completely sealed. In design there are no open containers that eliminate odors, oil evaporation, and fire. 
• The combustion chamber is made of stainless steel. 
• The possibility of joining air ducts. Even distribution of warm air in the room. 
• Can be used as an independent heater or as an element of the system of ventilation and heating. 
• Leaving air temperature up to 120 ° C. Automatic maintenance of the room temperature. 
• The qualitative smoke removal, the flue gases are colorless and odorless. Met emissions standards (European standards). 
• Burner automatically maintains the required temperature and flow rate of fuel that does not require any adjustments to the fuel passing with greater or lesser viscosity. 

There are two types of heating generators: floor and pendant. 
Floor type is shown with only one type DanVex H-150. This is the most powerful air heater DanVex. The weight of the model does not allow to hang it.


Pendant heating generators are introduced in 3 models: DanVex H-30, H-60, H-100
Design of this generator allows to hang it on the wall or ceiling.

To make a professional and right choice of heating power you will need our specialist. You can connect them via phone or other social networks.