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Special Campaigns

Campaign definitions:

  • Product of campaign - Waste oil Boiler / Heater.   
  • Place of campaign  - sales through official DanVex dealers in region / country . 
  • Customer - owner (end user), who bought the Product of campaign.

Terms of campaign:

  • Campaign is valid for Waste oil Boiler/Heater purchasing within period from 01.05.2013  to 31.12.2013  
  • Certificate you may get from official dealer DanVex within period from 01.05.2013  to 31.12.2013
  • Certificate is valid within 3 month after 5 years from purchasing date.
  • Official dealer list you may get from Dan Vex representative in your region.

Certificate issue:

  • Certificate can be issued after Waste oil Boiler/Heater purchasing together with warranty card issue.

Certificate usage:

  • Certificate can be used within 3 month, after 5 years from purchasing date.  
  • Certificate is valid for free of charge Burner replacement or replacement of any Burner parts.
  • Burner or burner part delivery for replacement is for account of Certificate customer and is not covered by manufacturer or Dealer.

Additional information:

  • If you have any queries or need additional information please contact us by e-mail: office@danvex.fi or call us +358 923163644