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Welcome to DanVex

DanVex OY is a Finnish company and used to produce its equipment in Finland. But in the early 2000s, with the growth of their own business and the rapid expansion of international cooperation and redistribution of labor, many European companies moved the technical assembly of equipment to Asia, to Korea, China, and now to Vietnam. Many global giants have opened their own factories, others use contract assembly. Here, DanVex is following the global trend. The European company is in charge of

- developing the construction and design,

- making improvements and changes to the lineup,

- control of the ratio of cost and quality of components for production,

- quality control of the manufactured goods.

Contract assembly has been transferred to several factories in China. Here, the important task is to select these assembly partners, monitor the production process in these factories, and respond to possible changes. We believe that DanVex is managing this task.