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DanVex HUM-Series ultrasonic mist humidifier adopts integrated mist module inside. The chip is replaceable. It is easy to maintain, and boasts high humidification efficiency. Maximum relative humidity reaches 99%. Intelligent control, accurate humidity control: Humidity control system with imported world leading probe. The control precision is within + 5%. Easy to move, convenient to install. Able to move, and able to be mounted on external wall. Both automatic and manual humidify control are available. It depends on you. Stainless steel body, clean and reliable Equipped with standard water feeding gap, water release switch, overflow gap etc. The water feeding gap will fill water automatically.

Humidifier DanVex professional is the perfect device for achieving optimal humidity levels in large spaces up to 1000 m3. This air-humidifying device doesn’t just create a comfortable indoor climate; it also provides proper climate regulation for materials storage and preservation. Expensive hardwood floors, valuable furniture or antiques benefit from proper humidity levels. As an air-humidifying device for larger spaces, the humidifier DanVex professional is ideal for use in museums, libraries, music studios and galleries. Technical facilities like IT-centres, call centres and medical establishments can profit from the versatility of this professional device.

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