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Adsorption -working principle
Adsorption dehumidifying – this method relies on the extraction of humidity from the air due to its absorption of hygroscopic materials. Huge plus of dehumidifying air with this type of dehumidifier is drying the air that can be below 0 degrees of Celsius (from -20 to +40)

Climate parameters play an important role in storing the products in warehouses. Only some types of materials can resist to the humidity. However, most of them will be destructed in the long term. Such as metals-corrosion, bulk materials crumple, wood and fabric moldy rotting, cardboard boxes deform from dampness. This is only some of the problems that can occur. For the most of materials, the maximum humidity level of the air shouldn’t be more than 50-55%, for hygroscopic materials even less. At winter, the required level of humidity can be achieved with the general ventilation system and pre-heated fresh air. At summer, when temperature rise to 25-35 degrees of Celsius, and the humidity level to 90%, air becomes source of moisture and makes circumstances for storing the products bad.

The only right way to maintain the humidity level of the air in warehouses is to use adsorption dehumidifiers. Usage of dehumidifiers instead of ventilation will help to save money and energy for the winter period. With DanVex dehumidifiers will help to low the usage of energy for 50-70% because there is no need in permanent heating of the air.

How adsorption dehumidifiers are working?

A fan sucks in wet air, which goes through inverting rotor, which is highly filled with silica gel on a glass carrier. The construction of the rotor provides two parallel airflow and maximum contact with the adsorbent. Moist airflow passes through the dry portion of the rotor, which thus absorbs moisture and dried air back into the room.
Regenerating airflow is designed to remove adsorbed moisture from the rotor, which air is drawn from outside the room, then before passing through the rotor is heated. Passing through a small part of the rotor, it absorbs humidity and brings it outside. During the operation of the dehumidifier, the rotor rotates continuously, and that provides a continuous automated process.

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